You’re Beautiful

You tell people that they deserve to be loved just the way they are but you’re incapable of believing the same holds true for yourself.

You admonish people who bring themselves down regarding their physical traits but you don’t hesitate to cut yourself down when you look into the mirror.

coffeeYou can be somebody’s biggest cheerleader but nobody brings you down harder than yourself.

You’d never destroy someone with malicious, malignant words… so why do you allow yourself to shatter your own heart with those thoughts?

You’re an exquisite body, whether you believe you were formed from clay with life breathed into by the divine, or a magnificent accident made of stardust from distant galaxies.

Don’t you see how beautiful that makes you?

Don’t you realize your soul, your spirit, your essence… the very thing that makes you want to reach out to others and lift them up so they don’t feel what you feel… is what makes you so alluring?

If not, then maybe it’s time you should.


Windows to the Soul

“Stop that.”

My friends turned to look at me. “Huh?” said friend #1.

“Your eyes. They’re all shifty. Look at me when you’re talking.” I looked at friend # 2. “You, too. What is up with you guys?”

A few years ago, I met up with two people, one who happened to be my best friend for years. The other was friend #1’s love interest, at least for the moment. Friend #1 had sort of adopted this “shifty-eyed” look from friend #2. They couldn’t look right in your eyes when they were talking. In fact, they couldn’t look into each others’ eyes either when they were speaking to each other. I thought that was really weird.

Friend #2 said to me, while looking everywhere but directly at me, “Your gaze is too intense.”

“My gaze is too intense,” I repeated, a little confused.

“Yeah.” He looked at me and when I looked at him again, he quickly looked away. “It makes me feel… naked.”

“What?” I chuckled.

“No, he’s right,” said friend #1. “When you look at someone, it feels like you’re looking right into their soul.”


I’ve never had trouble locking eyes with someone I’m speaking to. Even strangers. Maybe especially strangers. In fact, I think of it as one of my better traits. I’m a very private person and there are things about me only a select few are privy to. So while I’m looking into someone’s eyes, I’m letting them know that it’s okay. They have my undivided attention and they can trust me, without giving away too much about myself. And it works. I know stuff that mere acquaintances and even total strangers have themselves divulged to me. But maybe it’s still a bit disconcerting for some.

The only time I’ve never been able to look somebody in the eye is if I happen to have strong feelings for someone and they don’t know it. Eyes are the windows to the soul after all. And while I can guard my emotions pretty well, a more observant person can read my eyes like a book.

I haven’t had to worry about that in many, many years, though.